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Leuven, 20.-22. September 2018: LITP 2018

Leuven, 20.-22. September 2018: LITP 2018

Legal and institutional translation policies:

An interdisciplinary inquiry into past, present and future challenges

Dear colleagues,

Translation studies is a rapidly expanding field of research, which was for a long time confined to the domains of literature and religion. Nowadays, scholars from a variety of backgrounds (social sciences, history, political philosophy, to name a few) have become attracted to the study of translation. Legal studies and institutional studies in particular have managed to raise original and challenging questions for mainstream translation studies while in turn the concept of translation has opened up new vistas for the study of (trans)national legal and institutional issues. Attempts have already been made to design adequate interdisciplinary bridges, such as the interface concept of translation policy.

Time has come to take stock and look forward. This conference will approach past and present translation policies from four main angles: multilingualism, legal settings, institutional settings and citizenship. Furthermore, we will discuss alternative policies, which should have the potential to meet tomorrow’s social demands.

This conference is organized jointly by the research group “Translation and Intercultural Transfer” and the “Leuven centre for Public Law”, with the support of "CETRA".


Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier: https://kuleuvencongres.be/litp2018